Background to development of Vision and Mission Principles

The context in which the Uniting Church in Australia finds itself has changed dramatically since 1977. Many factors have changed the way faith, spirituality and Church is seen and explored in contemporary society. Within our changing context we recognise that God is working in new and hopeful ways.

The church in our Synod is called to move in a new and renewing form to continue to participate in this work. We seek a new way of travelling and of being church whilst retaining those elements that are core to who we are as disciples of Christ.

In May 2013, the Synod resolved to undertake a major strategic review (MSR). For over two years the MSR team worked across the Synod - prayerfully listening, worshipping, consulting, researching, analysing and discerning.

The outcome of the MSR is a strategy that supports a coordinated, intentional focus on mission – mission that encompasses the very nature of the Christian life in all its communal, liturgical, institutional, spiritual and service dimensions. The Synod is looking to change how we do things to lighten burdens, reduce barriers and encourage proactive spiritual discernment in our councils and committees.

A strategic framework was developed to frame and guide the Church’s thinking and actions.

  • The Vision and Mission Principles provide a focus and starting point for spiritual discernment. (Why)
  • The Statements of Intent provide a framework for how we act. (How)
  • The plans and actions list what we intend to do to enable a new and renewing Church to emerge. (What)

Vision and Mission Principles

Our Vision articulates our passion and collective inspiration as the Uniting Church Synod of Victoria and Tasmania.

Our Mission Principles seek to capture God’s ongoing story of love, grace and mercy known to us through Jesus Christ. They mark how we will participate in the reign of God.

Together, our Vision and Mission Principles express who we are and who we are called to be as life-giving communities of faithful people.

Following Christ,
walking together
as First and Second Peoples,
seeking community, compassion and justice for all creation

God in Christ is at mission in the world and sends the Church in the Spirit to:

  1. share the Good News of Jesus Christ
  2. nurture followers of Christ in life-giving communities of reconciliation
  3. respond in compassion to human need
  4. live justly and seek justice for all
  5. care for creation
  6. listen to each generation and culture so as to live out the Gospel in fresh ways
  7. pursue God’s mission in partnership