Keeping Children Safe: Changes regarding Working With Children Checks/Registrations

* In Victoria, the Department of Justice is working with community groups to clarify that members need to abide by their organisation’s policy regardless of other information on the DoJ website.  You will now see this notice on the DoJ website:  “Some organisations have their own policies regarding who needs a Check. Confirm this with your organisation.”

*The law in Victoria has changed  and people can no longer work under the supervision of a person who has a Check – everyone working with children and young people now requires their own Check.

* If your church council is made up of all members of your congregation AND you have approval for this from your presbytery under Regulation 3.9.3, there is a variation available as to who is required to hold a Check/Registration.  Please email for details, specifying the name of your congregation and the date that Reg. 3.9.3 was invoked by your presbytery.

*All these details are in the newly revised Working with Children Check/Registration Policy (WWC1 on the website) and in the updated WWCC/R Frequently Asked Questions resource (WWC2).

New resources for volunteers

The Supporting Safe Leadership tab on the Keeping Children Safe website has a suite of resources to help you recruit, screen, interview and review volunteers, especially those working with children.  Some of these forms can be forwarded to applicants for filling out online if desired.  We encourage you to use or adapt these processes as you engage new volunteers in your child-related programs. It is vital that all volunteers sign the Keeping Children Safe Code of Conduct annually.  Every volunteer should sign a declaration (as in the Application) at least once.