Working With Children Check

Working With Children Check

All congregations within the Synod of Victoria and Tasmania must meet the legal obligations of their state for Working With Children Checks/Registrations.

All “appointed leaders” are required to have a WWCC/R.  The Standing Committee of the Synod of Victoria and Tasmania has defined an appointed leader this way:

Appointed leaders are people who are in a position of trust, influence or authority because of their leadership role within the Church.  This would include, but not be limited to, lay preachers, elders, church councillors, worship leaders, anyone involved in children and youth events/programs/activities, anyone commissioned by the Church Council to perform a leadership role, music leaders, organists, Bible study leaders, and ‘home group’ or ‘cell group’ leaders. (Synod Standing Committee Resolution 16.4.14)

We recommend all prospective volunteers and employees have their WWCC/R credentials checked via these tools :-

Department of Justice (Tasmania)

Department of Justice and Community Safety (Victoria)